About Us

Welcome to BEX Jewelry USA!

We design handmade  jewelry created to add sparkle to your every day moments and special occasions. Whether you’re surprising a loved one with a birthday gift or treating yourself to a new pair of gold necklaces our wide selection of high quality accessories is just what you’re looking for!

I’m the proud owner of Bex Jewelry. As two friends, we learned what it means to produce at a young age. After meeting with gold and silver, we saw that we were designing our own dreams and we could never break away from this feeling again. Designing jewelry is a way of life for us. Jewelry and design are something that speaks for us, where we express our feelings and remain silent. We continued on our way when our families, especially our sisters and mothers, told us that they liked our gold jewelry very much and that we should never stop. We took courses on jewelry design and design and started drawing.

My designs lean toward elegant, but minimalist and accessible. I keep the designs simple because I believe jewelry should be timeless, effortlessly elegant, and highlight natural beauty rather than steal the show. All of my made to order gold jewelry pieces are handcrafted in New Jersey, where I live, and I source all our materials in the USA. I’m always inspired to create new stylish pieces, so our handcrafted jewelry shop is always growing. I believe the keys to success in any business are providing superior customer service and creating an intimate, unique shopping experience. Even the packaging I use is designed to make the customer feel special and valued.

I design every piece with 3D CAD software and then print a mockup in wax using a 3D printer. From there I cast and mold the 14K gold piece which is then ready for diamond setting. Finally, I handpick every flawless diamond that is set into the gold jewelry to ensure that every one fits our standards. Throughout the years, I have been fortunate to work with a gifted metalsmith and equally brilliant stone setter to bring my designs to life.

Thank you for inspiring me on my jewelry journey and sharing my pleasure in working with gold.

I will continue to design and present jewelry for what you want to tell as a gift on your special days or important memories of your loved ones!